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Diagnostics for Hard Drives and Data Recovery at Phreaknic13 Part 6 of 9

Phreaknic13 Conference Oct 31st 2009. This is a speech on Data Recovery Diagnostics. This is taking a step back from my other talks and trying to explain wha…
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File Backup Debate Obama vs Romney Election 2012

File Backup http://yourfilebackup.com/FREE Each month in the United States over 140000 hard drives crash. You absolutely must backup your files, documents, …

How to: Restore the 2011 MacBook Air

Get this MacBook Air here – amzn.to MY NEW CHANNEL youtube.com This is a quick tutorial outlining the process of restoring your 2011 MacBook Air. Since the MacBook Air no longer ships with system restore disks (or restore USB key), this is the only way to either restore the system or recover it from a Time Machine backup. The process I’ve outlined will leave you with a freshly installed copy of Apple OSX Lion.
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