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Updates, advisories and surprises

Updates, advisories and surprises
During the same period a year ago, the computer hard-disk drive maker earned $ 483 million, or $ 1.96 a share, on $ 3 billion in sales. Excluding …. The wireless operator has been hearing pitches for a buyout from DISH Network Corp. (NASDAQ:DISH) and …
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Code 42 Software's CrashPlan for Cloud-Based Endpoint Backup Coming to

Code 42 Software's CrashPlan for Cloud-Based Endpoint Backup Coming to
Code 42 Software, Inc., developers of private and public cloud-based endpoint backup solutions for consumers, businesses and the enterprise, announced today that Internet2-member campuses will be able to provide students, faculty and staff secure …
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File Recovery Software – Recover Data From a Hard Drive Easily and Safely!

Have you deleted some important files you need in error? What would you do since data recovery service is too expensive? Did you ever try some file recovery software? Have you ever succeeded in recovering hard drive data by yourself? Wondering how to recover data from hard drive easily? Don’t worry! This article will let you know more about data recovery.

Accidental deletion is very common among users, though operating system tries to avoid it. You will experience it one day! So data recovery is absolutely necessary technique for every computer user.

What should I do when I delete a file by accident?

If you are a Windows user, check the Recycle Bin right now! The files have been moved to Recycle Bin firstly after you deleted them, except did it by “SHIFT+Delete”. If they are not in the Recycle Bin now, or you had emptied Recycle Bin before. Don’t give up! You still can try a file recovery software.

When you empty Recycle Bin, Your files are not really removed. They are still on your hard drive somewhere, even though you can’t see them any longer. In fact, You just removed the link of files. File recovery software can rebuild file system for you. Just by some clicks, you can recover data from hard drive easily.

Why not test it now? Knowledge comes from practice!
1) Delete a file you don’t need.
2) Google a good file recovery software.
2) Launch it and scan your storage device completely.
3) Search your file in the scan result.
4) recover it in other storage device.

1. Don’t recover deleted files in the broken hard drive. It may break the source data.
2. Recover deleted files as soon as possible before they are overwritten.

Do you get the 100% intact file? Congratulation! You can recover hard drive data by yourself now! Since you can’t avoid file missing, you should keep the file recovery software on your computer in case of emergency.

If you still don’t know how to recover files safely, Click here to Recovery Deleted Files easily!

Or click here to get a reliable recovery solution to recover data from hard drive!

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Weekend tech reading: 'BadNews' malware found on Google Play

Weekend tech reading: 'BadNews' malware found on Google Play
You may have seen videos on the Web of the capital city's "traffic cops," whose ballerina-like street rituals, featured in government propaganda videos, have made them famous online. The WSJ. Storage pricewatch: HDDs back to pre-flood prices, SSDs grow …
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Detroit's precarious recovery: 'It just feels like something is happening here'

Detroit's precarious recovery: 'It just feels like something is happening here'
detroit recovery Gilbert, left, and Chrysler's Sergio Marchionne announced the 'Chrysler House', the first time the company will have an office downtown. Photo: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images. Gilbert's vision of Detroit's future is of a city filled with …
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