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Why some Raid cards aren’t really hardware Raid and other facts you might not Know

SSD Data Recovery
by Schill

Why some Raid cards aren’t really hardware Raid and other facts you might not Know

Did you know that some motherboards and SATA disk controllers claim to offer hardware Raid? However, these options are not really hardware Raid options. However, they simply may be software that implements Raid options. Do you know how tell the difference between software that implements Raid and hardware Raid options? One giveaway is the price of a Raid option.. Did you know that Raid options that use hardware are much more expensive?

What else should you know about Raid that you do not know? Software Raid is almost always better than hardware Raid. In the last several years, software Raid has improved significantly. But, Raid still has its vulnerabilities. It is expensive for smaller businesses, individual customers, and some larger companies. If your Raid card fails, your Raid hardware can also fail. There is a single point of failure. If you use a Raid card, that card may need to be replaced. The advantage of Raid software is that if your motherboard or disk controller fails, it costs nothing to move your data to another computer that is operating and you can access your lost data.

Four reasons why Raid software wins over Raid hardware

Why is Raid hardware not a good option for several companies? Raid hardware may be faster, but it isn’t cheaper? There are also other reasons to consider Raid software.
Raid software will allow “hot swapping” The SATA G3 and G6 make this possible and if a disk goes bad, it can be changed out easily.

Software Raid only takes a small bit of CPU cycles. This way, your Raid system will not require a great deal of memory on your operating system. In some tests, this means that 2 percent to 4 percent of the CPU was affected. This is nothing on a multi-core machine.
Raid Software works well with SSD caching. The data that you use the most is sent to a fast cache.

Software Raid can accommodate various volume sizes and be extended by adding more disks. Software Raid can also help make your Raid volume faster, with on-disk compression. Why take time to compress your data? It can make your disk performance faster, avoiding the bottleneck I/O widths.

This is why businesses should prepare for disasters of all sizes, without failing to have a data loss recovery plan. Isn’t it nice to know that if your company loses data accidentally, a data recovery company can recover lost data? Did you know that the most expensive data loss in history was £ 15 million? If you have lost data while trying to comply with the new EU data protection regulations, we can help recover with the external hard drive data recovery service. To make sure your data is secured without being damaged. Our professionals can solve any technical issue related to RAID Recovery.

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Hard Drive Recovery: What Are Your Options?

Hard drive recovery is a real possibility for anyone who uses a computer. Even when you take every precaution to avoid it, the day usually comes when you have to face it head on. Maybe that’s now? Now for the solutions.

Hard drive recovery utilities

Your first line of defense for hard drive recovery is software. The software options available start with recovery utilities that address the basic problem of retrieving a deleted file. Higher-level hard drive recovery tools perform more difficult tasks of RAID recovery and rebuilding the file system without automated software. Your recovery issues probably fall in between these two issues.

Free hard drive recovery can be useful in recovering your deleted file. Still many of these programs are too limited to guarantee very much success. If you try one for yourself, you will understand what I mean.

Inexpensive hard drive recovery solutions are useful tools for file deletion. And with other problems present where the file components haven’t been changed. Any situation that occurs when the components have been altered requires a more powerful file recovery software.

It can be challenging to distinguish one level of hard drive recovery product from another when you can’t understand which tool to use. This is because lower end products often claim to produce the same recovery results as the more powerful utilities can – file undelete and other file recovery circumstances. What they forget to write on the package is that if the file system has been altered they are unable to produce any results.

Figuring out which one you need

How do you know which hard drive recovery solution you need? The answer is: you can’t unless you’re a technician and understand what it takes to recover a situations like: damaged files, damaged partitions, emptying the recycle bin, etc. So if you really want your data back, start by using the most reliable recovery tools.

And what defines that?

Serious hard drive recovery tools can recover most problems that don’t require clean room work. Unfortunately, higher quality products come with a higher price tag. Let’s say about a hundred dollars.

For the technically minded

Technically, hard drive recovery utilities that offer multiple recovery modules which allow you to approach recovery from different angles are the best. An example might be, recovering or rebuilding a partition table using the partition repair function. If the results are not what you want, you can switch modes, and recover your data using the file recovery function. If that doesn’t work and you understand how to manipulate the file system, the Hex Editor operation can work. I think you get the picture.

Using a technician in the neighborhood

You may not succeed at solving your recovery issues, or you may no be comfortable dealing with it alone. In either case, you need to consult a local technician or hard disk recovery expert. There is a difference.

A local technician may be your first choice because you can easily find them, and their services may be more moderately priced. The technician handling your media should be skilled at sector cloning which will give you a backup of your primary hard drive. And make sure they give you your main drive – not after – but before doing any data retrieval methods. If the technician you are considering cannot do this, you should think twice before allowing them to access your data.

You may only have one chance for data recovery, which is why it is recommended that you get the second sector drive of your hard drive. This allows the technician to attempt recovery on the second sector-copy as often as is needed without damaging your primary disk drive.

Using a data recovery expert

An expert recovery provider specializes in hard drive recovery situations. Since they only handle recovery cases – and do no other IT work – you know they have the greatest expertise to successfully recover data. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in business for very long. By the way, you most likely will not find these professionals in town. There are very few expert hard drive companies available, so it may be necessary to deliver your drive to them. This is common in the hard drive recovery business since the cost-structure of building multi-million dollar labs in each state is unlikely.

Make the best recovery decision for your data

Take all of the necessary precautions during data recovery to avoid using your files. Make sure to never take apart your media – yes this happens more than you think. Give data recovery software a try, as long as your drive is not clicking and is running properly. Last but not least, hard drive data recovery service may be your only option. If so, make sure the person on the other end of the phone knows what a sector back up is before letting them touch it.

Ken Roberts is back again teaching users what to expect in hard drive recovery . Most people are ill-informed, often mislead, and need help. Hopefully, this information will help. Anybody would like to know more about data recovery is invited to visit; and when question arise, please call Ken at 1800-444-3225.

Hard Drive Recovery: Let The Experts Handle It

by Schill

If you think that hard drive recovery is way too expensive, think again. If you’re drive doesn’t contain projects and data of vital importance, then obviously you don’t need to be too concerned when it crashes. However, if the data in your drive means the world to you, you should seek professional help to recover it. When a hard drive crashes, all the data is lost, but thanks to some good professionals out there, you can get your important data back. If there is some professional who tells you that you will get all your data back after a hard drive crash, you are definitely very lucky.

Generally, it is seen that approximately 80 to 90 percent of the data is recovered and the rest is destroyed completely. So, if you are on a critical project, you need to check out the options that you have for the data recovery. If you would like to ensure that you never lose any data in case of a hard drive crash, you will have to maintain regular backups. Backups can be taken onto another hard drive or onto portable hard drives. In cases where the data is very sensitive, tape drives are also used. In bigger companies, there are full fledged data centers that maintain copies of data.

Basic Tips To Identify The Best Data Recover Services

When you have a hard drive data recovery requirement, you need to go to a professional who can do the hard disk drive recovery in the least amount of time and with good accuracy. The business of hard disk recovery is booming due to an increase in the use of computers and laptops. Hard disk retrieval can take few hours or it can even take a few days. The data recovery process is dependent on the type of hard disk, the amount of data, and the extent of physical damage done to the hard disk. If the hard disk is burnt partially, there are chances that you may get a fractional part of the data recovered.

Although this is very disheartening, you need to be aware of the facts related to the data retrieval. When selecting the hard drive data recovery services, you need to make sure that the professionals you choose are experts in their domain and trustworthy. If the data stored in your drive is a sensitive nature, both the company’s expertise and their professionals ethics need to study before giving them the task. Most expert services would cost a bit more, but you can be sure that you will get a good retrieval job done. When selecting the data retrieval services, you need to ask them if they have the expertise of all kinds of data retrieval.

Check out the website of the data retrieval services and see if they are offering all kinds of data recovery. The data retrieval services would give you an advice after they see the damaged hard drive. Some data retrieval companies also charge you for the diagnostics and there are some that would not charge you for the diagnostics. When the data retrieval expert examines the damaged hard drive, the first thing that they will tell you is the estimated cost of the data retrieval work. If the cost of data retrieval and the time frame suggested suits your needs and your budget, you can ask the data retrieval experts to go ahead with the data retrieval process.

Hard drive recovery is not child’s play and it needs some good professional help. You need to give your damaged data hard drive in the right hands.

Most hard drive recoveries are possible these days, thanks to the modern equipment and technology. If you want your hard drive recovery done with great accuracy, visit you will find the best hard drive data recovery services here.

On Data Storage, Drives: Hard Drives, USB Flash Drive, SSD

Everyday we sit on our computers and inevitably get ourselves entangled with some problems that we often try to solve ourselves. Anyhow, we would usually know when something’s gone bad with our computers. Somehow we would gradually notice some changes on our computer’s performance. For instance, when our PCs would frequently experience problems with booting or when they would freeze quite a lot of times than before, then it is time to get them checked so we can prevent a crash.

We actually need more than just luck to get everything all in one piece. Our files on our hard drives, no matter how personal they are, they do have a lot of value to us. For this reason, we shouldn’t wait for these files to get corrupted before we would take some measures.

Indeed, when hard drive crashes, we are bound to lose our files in it (articles, photographs, music, videos, etc.). That is really a terrible ordeal for most of us who cherish and value our personal and sometimes work related files.

Some of us don’t really see all these things coming until they watch these things happening straight in their face. Now if we don’t want to watch ourselves in the biggest dismay when we lose those files, we have to realize that these things really do happen especially to the unprepared.

Indeed, the key is to be really prepared for the worst. To be really prepared means to anticipate that we may no longer be able to restore our files back after a crash. This fact should move us to do something so we can still have some access on our files. In our own little way, it should help us if we would do some file back-up.

There may be things like data recovery software that would eventually give us the chance to still restore our files after a crash but it’s better to end up not doing this at all. For those of us who have lost important data, we already know that it is not a happy experience at all. In our own little way, we can help ensure we still have copies of our data by keeping some back-up via an external hard drive. Saving copies of those files on to a USB flash drive is also a practical idea. Let’s do that for data storage’s sake.

Some people would also consider having their PCs or laptops running on a solid state drive (SSD) because they say it’s great for data storage and performs way better than a hard disk drive. While this may be true, what would probably make people want to get stuck with their hard disk drives is the fact that it would cost them a lot to choose SSD for an upgrade or replacement. If we can afford such an SSD upgrade, why not go for it?

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Data Loss Stages

In this article, I will explain how data loss occurs and get worse with some very common mistakes. I will also talk about different stages of data damage by human mistakes and natural disasters.

Data loss will happen one or two times in life. There are different ways data loss can happen depending on the kind of storage device. A USB device will be the cause when the USB port breaks. An SD card will get corrupt or get formatted. A CD or DVD will get scratches and won’t read anymore. A hard drive will have variety of problems which I will explain in more detail in the following paragraphs. A phone or iPhone will make us suffer when a software update will ruin everything. Sometimes we accidently format or delete important data. A child will destroy all the data by pressing a wrong key. Some times a hard drive will physically fail and will make things terrible.

Now I will talk about something every important. A hard drive can physically fail. When I say hard drive that means I am talking about a hard drive from Apple computer, drive from a Windows laptop, hard disk from a personal or business server, an SSD drive from any desktop or laptop computer. When a hard drive fails, it could be one of the few problems. It could be a bad electronics board which is called PCB. The drive can have a failed motor, firmware corruption or read / write head failure. Traditional hard drives have moving parts like platters and heads. Old hard drives have one head and one platter. As the technology grew, the number of platters and heads increased. Now drives come with 4 platters and 6 to 8 heads. So as the number of moving parts increased, the risk of failure also went up. Imagine if there was one head and one platter at one point and now there are multiple parts inside the drive, the risk of failure went up several times.

When this happens, it is very important to understand one thing and that is, take the hard drive to a data recovery lab where the data can be rescued for a much lower price and the risk of losing data permanently may be tremendously reduced. This is a fact that many end user don not understand. They try different things and this make the situation worse, even keeping the drive for a long time make it worse too. I have seen many cases where different computer repair people tried to recover data without using proper tools and made the recovery impossible. So my advice in this case is, when a hard drive gives problems and the data is important, it must be taken to a hard drive recovery professional place to save big time trouble and cost.

There are some other important precautions that must be exercised before it’s too late. For example many people update there iPhones and iPads when they see an update alert. They don’t know the consequences if the update process fails which unfortunately happen most of the time. Therefore it is important to first backup all the data and then run update because in case of software corruption the only way to bring the phone back to life is to restore it to factory settings and there is no way to recover such a phone that has been reset to default. One can imagine how dangerous it is to update a phone without having it backed up. A lot of people think that when data is deleted or the device is formatted, it cannot be recovered, this is not true of course it is sometimes possible in case of modern drives where the device has some feature that allow no recovery. One more area that can save the data is, when data is deleted for any reason, it is very crucial not to use the device because using it will write data to the storage device which might overwrite the old data and this it is destroyed permanently.

In this article, I explained about some of the most important factors that can avoid losing data permanently.

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