Gillware’s Data Recovery Process

Losing your data can be very stressful. This video will show you how Gillware’s data recovery process works, so that you can get started and stop stressing o…
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  • luisonia1218

    why does it cost so much?

  • TheMusicalGiant

    Is using a pair of small neodymium magnets (e.g. K&J Magnetics DX06-N52) and rubbing the entire platter surface with them a few times over sufficient for thorough degaussing? As much as I like to dispose of dead drives as e-waste, I like to destroy all data for peace of mind, since I can’t always write a pass of 0s.

  • ThePooooops

    Oh, this is bad, this is really bad! You work, and you slave, and you steal
    just enough for a sweet lick of that shiny brass ring… don’t I get a lick?
    Doesn’t Gil get a lick?

  • OhNoNotMyPenis

    by far the cheapest method and its highly unlikely both of the drives will fail

  • jigilowman

    recover some porn movie?

  • Switzer2007

    or you could just use mirrored RAID…

  • pyronathanpyro

    one thing about ssd is they dont last as long as a hdd and they also work on flash based memory chips so can be easier to restore but if you fuck one up realy bad you will not get any data back because just like a computer ssd flash memore runs on 10100011001 just like any other hdd but but but flash absed memory is harder to fix than a platter storing info so ssd is good fast and sold literaly solid but going to need lots of developement 🙂

  • galex50

    They are good, but you should watch it too.
    Eventually, The Flash cells wear out, without warning.
    This would happen after about 5 years of avarege use…

  • dragon31340

    Solid-state drive?