How to Recover Files From Hard Drive in Windows and Mac

There are times that you experience crashes on your computer, because of software and hardware failure and the files that you have saved can be lost due to this failure. If you want to recover files from hard drive, you can use different software that is especially created to recover lost files aside from acquiring the help of an IT professional. If you are lucky, you can also find backup files within the hard disk, but for home computers it is not possible. Recovering data and files are very important for work and other functions. If you are unsure of what to do, this article will surely help you regain your file easily without any risk of losing it.

How to Recover Files From Hard Drive in Windows

• You need to make sure that the real problem comes from the hard drive and not from the controller. There are lots of people who think that the problem starts with their hard drive, but actually the problem exists within the controller. You need to remove the hard drive from the computer and install the main drive to a different working computer system to know if the problem is with the controller.

• It is very important to stop writing any data to the hard disk, if you really want to recover files from hard drive. A new data will overwrite the deleted data and it will be very impossible for you to recover any data at all.

• You can choose to attach the hard disk to another computer if it refuses to boot up. If you have another different hard disk with installed operating system, you can make use if that as your main drive to avoid switching of computers.

• You need to use the window explorer to access the lost file, this is if the partition is damaged or changed. This will allow you to easily move the data from one hard drive to the main drive of a working operating system. This is one of the most effective ways to recover files from hard drive.

• You can also make use f the DOS program to restore from damaged partition, but make sure to carefully read the guide within the program to make sure that you will use it properly.

• If you find it very difficult to recover files from hard drive, you can ask help from a recovery specialist. If you attempt to do this without the help of professional or someone with knowledge, you might lose all your data. It is not hard to recover files from hard drive with the use of right software and right knowledge.

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