On Data Storage, Drives: Hard Drives, USB Flash Drive, SSD

Everyday we sit on our computers and inevitably get ourselves entangled with some problems that we often try to solve ourselves. Anyhow, we would usually know when something’s gone bad with our computers. Somehow we would gradually notice some changes on our computer’s performance. For instance, when our PCs would frequently experience problems with booting or when they would freeze quite a lot of times than before, then it is time to get them checked so we can prevent a crash.

We actually need more than just luck to get everything all in one piece. Our files on our hard drives, no matter how personal they are, they do have a lot of value to us. For this reason, we shouldn’t wait for these files to get corrupted before we would take some measures.

Indeed, when hard drive crashes, we are bound to lose our files in it (articles, photographs, music, videos, etc.). That is really a terrible ordeal for most of us who cherish and value our personal and sometimes work related files.

Some of us don’t really see all these things coming until they watch these things happening straight in their face. Now if we don’t want to watch ourselves in the biggest dismay when we lose those files, we have to realize that these things really do happen especially to the unprepared.

Indeed, the key is to be really prepared for the worst. To be really prepared means to anticipate that we may no longer be able to restore our files back after a crash. This fact should move us to do something so we can still have some access on our files. In our own little way, it should help us if we would do some file back-up.

There may be things like data recovery software that would eventually give us the chance to still restore our files after a crash but it’s better to end up not doing this at all. For those of us who have lost important data, we already know that it is not a happy experience at all. In our own little way, we can help ensure we still have copies of our data by keeping some back-up via an external hard drive. Saving copies of those files on to a USB flash drive is also a practical idea. Let’s do that for data storage’s sake.

Some people would also consider having their PCs or laptops running on a solid state drive (SSD) because they say it’s great for data storage and performs way better than a hard disk drive. While this may be true, what would probably make people want to get stuck with their hard disk drives is the fact that it would cost them a lot to choose SSD for an upgrade or replacement. If we can afford such an SSD upgrade, why not go for it?

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