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Data Recovery – Causes, Solution And Services

SSD Data Recovery
by quapan

Storage media such as hard disk drives (internal or external), SSD (solid state drives), USB drives, CDs, DVDs, storage tapes, and other storage devices often get damaged and recovery is required on the file system. Thus, the process of restoring and getting back the data from the failed, corrupted and damaged storage media is known as data recovery.

Boca Raton Data Recovery can be easily accomplished with the use of Live CD, which provides a means to mount the backup disk or any removable media, and move the files from the system drive to the backup media by using file manager or authoring software’s.

Sometimes there can be also disk level failure, which is hard disk failure. In this kind of situations, it is difficult to read data and thus involves repairing of the file system according to the situation. There could be both software and hardware based recovery of data that is corrupted. If the data is corrupted permanently, then the recovery is costly and time taking, in that case it is better to do hardware replacement on damaged disk.

Another scenario, there are also some cases where the data (files) have been deleted from the storage medium. Whenever we delete a file it is not removed immediately from the storage media, only reference to them in the directory structure is deleted and thus the space is made available for further overwriting. Thus the data or the deleted file can be recovered as the file remains there in a number of disconnected fragments.

Recovering a data involves multiple techniques. If a disk drive results in a logical damage, then it requires software level of solutions having no problem with the hardware. In case of logical damage, disk imaging procedure is used to recover the readable bit from the disk surface, where the image gets acquired and transferred to another reliable medium whereas some damages can be repaired by replacing parts of the disk drives. In this the damaged PCB (printed circuit board) is replaced with the identical PCB of the working drive during the recovery procedure.

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Hard drive recovery ? Causes of File loss

Hard drive recovery is a phenomenon which needs to be carried out in the case when one’s hard drive gets corrupt or crashed and all the data is lost. In order to recover this vital data various software’s of hard drive are used. Hard drive is an electromagnetic component of computer and it is used as an internal storage unit. Capacity of the hard drive denotes the strength of computer and all the important data and program files are stored in hard drive.


Hard drive has to be taken care of well to conserve this data, however with the aging of your computer, hard drive failure is a probable effect.  With proper precautions and careful handling, we can at the max postpone this failure. But once the hard drive is failed, we have to go for hard drive recovery methods. Following are some of the cases wherein the hard drive of your computer may fail and you will have to go for hard drive recovery:


•   If your system is overheated. Overheating of the main circuit board which is also known as PCB is the main reason behind hard drive loss.

•   Physical damage to hard drive due to falling, collisions, thrusting etc.

•   Not using a proper registry cleaner

•   Ignoring the Internet security equipped with features like antivirus, real time scanning and firewalls.

•   Use of unauthenticated and unreliable systems and soft wares.

•   Use of bad quality service packs.

•   Lack of good power back up

•   Turning off the computer and software’s abruptly.

•   Shutting down your computer system abruptly with saving the files properly.

•   Other manual errors


Hard drive recovery becomes very important as a hard drive is known as computer’s heart. All the major data and program files are embedded in hard drive. In short a computer cannot function in the absence of a hard drive. Also many a time’s very important office documents or legal documents can get lost as a result of hard drive failure. In such cases the hard drive recovery systems are like god gifts.


With recent advances in science and technologies, various systems and software’s for hard drive recovery are invented every day. Few of the software’s are even available on internet at free of cost. While choosing hard drive recovery software, one should keep into mind some important points like how user friendly, authenticated and result oriented it is. Also one must remember to purchase it from a reliable provider.


Earlier, taking proper back up of hard drive was the only reliable way. But today with the discovery of hard drive recovery software’s, the global digital world has received a magic wand in its hands.




Hard Drive Recovery is a phenomenon which needs to be carried out in the case when one’s hard drive gets corrupt or crashed and all the data is lost. But today with the discovery of Hard Drive Recovery software’s, the global digital world has received a magic wand in its hands.


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