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Economical High-Quality Cloud Backup

Economical high-quality cloud backups for websites, PCs, and servers include onsite and offsite backups, regional backups, and cloud backups. We need to build in redundancy, and ensure that…

Off Site Backup Software – The Safest and Most Economical Hard Drive Back Up Option

Using off site backup software is a great solution to those who want to ensure complete safety and reliability of their data. If you are looking for off site backup storage, then you already know the potential dangers of backing up data using the other popular methods.

CD Backup Storage – The problem with using CD’s is they are very susceptible to damage. Even spilling a cola on them can corrupt the data. Using them is also tedious and expensive.
Flash Drive Storage – Flash drives are an even worse option than CD’s, as they can easily break, and can be extremely expensive to store seemingly small amounts of data.
Tape Backup Mediums – Using tape was one very popular, but today, people have realized tape will wear out over time, and the equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain.

None of these options are feasible, and none of them will protect from theft, fire, or other cause.

However, when you use off site backup software, you get great benefits. No longer is theft or fire an issue, and the real beauty is that you can set your software to back up each and every day. Instead of trying to remember to spend a few hours downloading to your CD, you can have your software do it for you.

The reasons to use off site backup software are clear. Also keep in mind that most firms are extremely cheap, as low as $ 20, to backup your data to ensure you don’t lose those important photos, videos, and business files.

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