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How to recover data from dead external hard drive

It is really saddening to see that the hard drive where in all your data is stored is dead in just some minutes time. Now you must have tried various things to retrieve your data from the dead drive, but received no benefit. If this is so, then do not be upset and read on for some effective data recovery techniques and tools to get back your data.

Dead hard drive recovery software – it has been seen that this software works in most of the cases if you buy an original one. Any fake software or duplicate software creates more problems in your personal computer and laptop. It is advised that read the user manual carefully and proceed with the start guide to get the process right.

Data recovery tools – Technology advancement has given a way to a lot many new inventions, one of which is data recovery tools. There are various types of tools, which are easy to use, that helps you to recover your data from the dead or crashed hard drive easily. These all are easily available in the market and at a reasonable rate. Some famous and effective data recovery tools that you can opt for are:

A) Clean room chamber- this is one tool which is quite essential if you want to recover your data risk free. It is very important that while the process of data recovery is ongoing, the atmosphere is dust free. A clean room chamber therefore gives to you a dust free space and ensures quicker and safer data recovery.

B) Platter exchange tool – This tool can remove about 4 platters at the same time taking care of your hard disk. No further loss is done to your hard disk and you can recover data from the drive hassle free.

C) Head replacement tool – One can find a wide variety of head replacement tool in the market, for different brand hard drives like; Samsung, Hitachi etc. Also there is a different head replacement tool for laptop and for a desktop, making it much easier for you to pick one. This tool is the safest and the most trusted upon tool, that can be used easily at home with the instructions provided in the manual.

So, try out these things and get back the lost data from the damaged or a dead hard drive. Believe it, if you have not tried these things before you have really missed a lot.

HDRC is one of the leading company in Data Recovery Sector. We understand your data recovery needs and hence provide standard data recovery tools,hard drive head replacement toolsthat are mandatory to recover data in a secure manner.

How to Recover files from external hard drive?

External hard drives are very useful piece of equipment and due to advantages like portability and operation on plug and play basis it is the first choice to backup and store important data. people are used to store their photos, video and other data on the external hard drive. Then external hard drive certainly brings much convenience in our daily life.

However, a survey from applexsoft data recovery company shows that the external hard drive takes the largest portion in the storage media from which people often lose their data. That is, the way to restore data from external hard drive is much needed indeed. Certainly, a handy external hard drive recovery tool, like AppleXsoft File Recovery, will be highly recommended to help retrieve data from external drive. Data on external drive will be lost due to various causes like accidentally deleted file, missing/lost partition, deleted Partition, re-formatting the drive and formatting the partition. If you do lose your data, it may not be gone forever. Retrieving data from external hard drive is easy. No matter the files on external hard drive are deleted, formatted or lost.

If you have lost data from your external hard drive follow these precautionary measures to recover your data successfully:
1. Stop using the external hard drive till you recover deleted data from it. If you write new data onto the external hard drive, the new data may overwrite the old data, then you can’ t recover it.
2. Connect external hard drive onto another computer as a slave.
3. Install A Data Recovery Software to this another computer, which is healthy system and has the best of hardware components, and then proceed ahead recovering the data.
4. Scan the drive and evaluate the recovery results obtained with the trial version.
5. Save the recovered data to the healthy drive.

AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac is this kind of external hard drive software to recover files lost due to accidental deleting, formatting, virus infection, improper operation, unexpected power failure, and other unknown reasons. It can recover data from lost, deleted, logical corrupted and formatted external hard drive. Versatile preview lets you enjoy external hard drive in advance.


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How to Recover Files from External Hard Drive

As we all know, external hard drive serves as a portable data storage device, which brings much convenience to our life. It is obviously a disaster if our data lost due to wrong deletion or other manual mistakes. So what should we do if that happens? Don’t worry! You will learn how to recover files from external hard drive step by step in this article. And it won’t cost you much time.

First you should know, your files are directly deleted or lost from external hard drive. So you can not restore your files from your computer recycle bin. Second, recovery software has been considered as the most efficient data recovery method so far. Hence, here below introduces the two most efficient recovery software.

Method 1: Using Jihosoft File Recovery
-Download and install Jihosoft File Recovery to your computer.
-Choose external hard drive to scan.
-Click “Advanced Scan” to choose wanted file type to scan.
-Review showing files list. You can search file by “File Name, Size, Modified Time”. Then click “Recover” to get your data back.

1.Working effectively. Scan out more files within few minutes. Recover deleted files from external hard drive, along with other formatted or lost files.
2.Safe and especially easy to use. No need to worry about data leaking.
3.Quality guarantee: No quality loss of your original data.
Disadvantages: Paid Software
1. Make sure you use well-functional USB cable.
2. Make sure you download the right Mac or Windows version.
3. Make sure your computer is charged during the process or it could caused data loss.

Method 2: Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free
-Download and launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.
-Select wanted recovery file type and click “Next” to continue.
-Select external hard drive and click “Scan” to continue.
-Preview showing list and select wanted data to recover.

Advantages: Free software
1. Recovery quantity is limited. You can only recover data up to 2GB.
2. Review files are not guaranteed. Sometimes, you can’t preview your photos because of unknown reason. Thus, working efficiency can’t be guaranteed.
3. The program size is too large. It needs much more space to run this software.
1. Do not use your external hard drive again once you realized data loss!
2. Do not disconnect your external hard drive to computer during the process.
3. If your external hard drive has been endured physical damage, such as water damage. Retrieve data from external hard drive is not possible through this method.

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How To Recover Data From External Hard Drive Documents

There are various capacities to archive data. You are able to archive the documents on hard drives, removable circles, DVDs or Discs, unequivocally to specify a few. Then again, as opposed to the notoriously understanding, whatever how these space items may be, any electronic or mechanical mechanism is subject to break down. Whatever how brand new or old the unit is, it can miss the mark to role regularly, and there’s nothing you are able to do to stay away from it. Given that truth, a hard drive inadequacy is then truly regular and there is a large number of non-flop identified explanations for lost data, incorporating inadvertent document cancellation, and in addition fire and water harm. Assuming that for example, you are utilizing a standard technique of recovering data which just slips up, an outer hard drive data recovery is probably the methodology that may suit your data recovery necessities.In the most effortless terms, outside hard drive data recovery points to the methodology of recuperating data from outside hard drives enjoy USB or Firewire when the data is no longer receptive through typically connotes. In some case, the outer hard drive data recovery might be a straightforward procedure, but the real truth of the matter is, outer hard drive data recovery may need exhaustive and point by point work actually to recoup the lost data.

Anyway, again, practically the same as the standard strategies, outside hard drive data recovery includes the same general procedure for rescuing the distant documents. More often than not, what occurs soon after the genuine outside hard drive data recovery is the assessment technique. The outside hard drive is then assessed and the outside hard drive data recovery specialists will furnish a starting determination of the degree of the harm, and in addition the potential for outer hard drive data recovery, and the work included to recovery the data required. Note, then again, that some outside hard drive data recovery ensembles today charge expenses for the assessment of the outside hard drives. Anyhow there are some that give the outside hard drive data recovery assessment course of action gratis. Notwithstanding the assessment, it is normal for each outer hard drive data recovery outfit to lead an estimation of the whole work that should be included. Aside from that, the measure of data to be recuperated and in addition the strides to be taken and the expense of the outer hard drive data recovery aid are generally recognized.

This is the explanation that practically the sum total of the teams offering outer hard drive data recovery accord quotes of what it will positively cost to get your data back. Once the assessment and assess is finished, the masters offering the outside hard drive data recovery utility will ordinarily sit tight for your endorsement to continue with the true outside hard drive data recovery. They won’t move with the recovery procedure unless you have given your support. Notwithstanding, once the support is made the outside hard drive data recovery then starts, and the outfit works their best equipped unequivocally to give back where its due records over to you. What is fantastic to have prior experience with the majority of the outside hard drive data recovery aids is that they even repair the harmed hard drive. Depending on if all else are settled, the restored data could obviously be come back to you on media of your decision whenever this would work out the best.

Seagate External Hard Drive Gives You The Piece Of Mind You Deserve.

If you are like most people today we all live and breathe our computers it seems. We play games, download music, take and download pictures, etc. This is just from the personal aspect. Now take into consideration those who work on their computers and those business files. Even though these computers may come with a lot of hard drive space on them, it is not enough. What I mean is we need extra storage and a Seagate external hard drive can offer this.

I would still say to you to have a back up option, especially for things that are irreplaceable such as important financial records or pictures, etc. Do not put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. You can purchase an external hard drive these days for very little money and the piece of mind it will give you is priceless.

Look at your internal hard drive to determine the capacity of the drive. That is the number you can use to purchase a new external hard drive. If your files are stored currently on this number then you can safely assume the external drive will have enough space for the same files. You are only using a portion of this number realistically as you have to take into account the operating system, etc., which is also included in this number.

Another thing today that we all seem to love is music downloads, MP3 players, etc. These music files can take up a lot of much needed space as well, especially if you are one of the ones you have music in the thousands. I am guilty of this so I know first hand how it can drag on your resources when you have hundreds or even thousands of these files hanging around, especially considering once you upload them to your MP3 how often do you even access these anymore.

The more files and programs on a computer the more it slows it down. Have you notice you open a certain program and it seems to take forever to actually open up. That’s because the memory and resources are being used by a whole host of other programs and processes running. If you start clearing out and backing up less used files, photos, etc., you will clear up some space and hopefully some of those background processes.

If possible having more than one storage solution can help in this as well. Store all of your personal files on one drive and your business or financial information on another. I personally never store personal information with say my music or photos, etc. I keep the personal stuff on a drive all its own. That drive is smaller and even in a different color so I know immediately what’s on it.

I hope I have given you something to think about when it comes to your back up storage solutions. A Seagate external hard drive will save you time and money in the future if you ever lose anything that is on your internal drive. You will have the much needed back up source to recover those files.

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