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6 Free Ways to Do Mac OS X Data Protection / Recovery

SSD Data Recovery
by Schill

In the past decade, Apple has grown from a small business transformed into the world’s largest technology company in PC industry, and produced various products for hundreds of millions of Apple fans around the world. Apple’s two operating systems, iOS and Mac OS X, strong support for the company’s PC and consumer digital products.

The rapid development of the operating system, while Apple’s operating system is extremely bundled with more emphasis on the application’s user experience, the most important point is the protection of user data. In this article, we will talk about Apple provides users with 6 different data protection methods. After reading this I hope you can get some useful information of these methods, and can use them to protect your beloved data.

1. Time Machine
Time Machine was built into Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard system by Apple, it can be automatically back up every version for all of the files. This feature is very interesting, space-themed user interface is very attractive, so that users willing to use it. For the first time to connect an external hard disk to Mac, the operating system will prompt user to use it for backup.

Apple also introduced Time Capsule, a built-in high-capacity hard drive Wi-Fi routers, it is a good accessories for those Apple fans who like wireless backup. Since launched the Time Capsule, Apple always committed to increase its speed and stability, and now both have a lot of performance improvement. And, now Time Capsule can continue work after disconnect, you can copy the incremental backup after reconnect.
How to use?
As mentioned earlier, you need to do is just plug in an external hard disk and enable Time Machine, or connect to a wireless router. Subsequently, Mac OS X will automatically use the device as a backup medium, and you can activate Time machine to do Mac file recovery operations from Dock and menu bar icons. You can set Time Machine from System Preferences, you can choose to turn on or off this feature, and excluded some of the items from the backup, and modify backup disk and so on.

2. Migration Assistant
Mac OS X provides the Migration Assistant allows users to use shared files from other Mac or PC, and Mac OS X installation file from other disk under the same network, or use Time Machine backup to recover a new Mac machine to meet your previous usage. This feature allows the user to transfer information and data become extremely easy between different Mac, and let the Mac system installation and new Mac replacement become easier and safer.
How to use?
When you start a new Mac, during the installation process the Migration Assistant will be displayed, allowing you to recovery-related information and data select from another Mac or Windows machine, hard disk, or a Time Machine backup. If during installation you choose to skip this step, you can still open “/ Application / Utilities” to run it, of course, you can also run through a Spotlight search. If the conditional, as far as possible using a wired connection, because of the speed of wireless connection is relatively slow and easy transmission fails. Be sure to read Apple gives tips before using.

3. FireWire target disk mode
FireWire Target Disk Mode allows you to take advantage of running the Mac as an external disk for data transmission. Because FireWire (400 and 800 ports) is faster than Ethernet, using it Migration Assistant can get faster speed than the transmission of the Ethernet connection. In addition, the Target Disk Mode can also help the Mac to do troubleshooting when it cannot be started.
How to use?
During the boot process of Mac, hold down “T” key to enter FireWire Target Disk Mode. When you see a gray screen with a FireWire icon, you can release the button. Via FireWire 400 or 800 to connect your Mac to another machine, it will appear as an external disk drive. Then you can use it through the Migration Assistant, troubleshooting, or copy files and more.
4. AutoSave, resume, version
Apple in the latest Lion system introduced a system-level functions that allow build-in applications and third-party applications to automatically save and return to prevent users in the application or system crash problems before unsaved. The system can also record changes of your files, so you can return to the past versions of files, you can also recover deleted Mac files.

Now there are more and more applications compatible with Lion system this new feature. That is, means that there will not be data loss situations because of unexpected crashes and power failure, the data security problem is no longer your one’s responsibility.
5. Move to SSD
The greatest strength of SSD is its fast read and written speeds, and low noise, low-calorie, low-power operate, there is a better impact resistance, longer service life (controversial). Although SSD not make us familiar enough with it than traditional hard drives in terms of speed performance, but it can really last longer than traditional hard drives. Undoubtedly, SSD can be smaller in size with a larger capacity than traditional.
How to use?
If today you buy a new Mac, you can choose to configure the Apple SSD drive models. Of course, you will pay a higher price to get less capacity (iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro can be configured HDD), but the value you can get is not able to show from the higher price. In addition, MacBook Pro users (like the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 3G or OCZ Vertex 3) can get better and faster hard drive from other sources such as disassemble and replacement SSD.
6. Compatibility
Mac OS X supports Adobe’s PDF, PSD format, and Microsoft Office formats, so that Mac users can use these files without install third-party applications. You can also convert any document, image, or web page into PDF document, so you can be more convenient to share with Windows users. In addition, Mac OS X can read NTFS-formatted hard drives, therefore you can copy the data.
How to use?
All of the above mentioned formats (DOC, PDF, PSD, PPT, XLS) can be previewed through Mac OS X’s inbuilt Quick Look (select the file in the Finder and press the spacebar). The system is built-in Preview application (Preview) can open the PDF, PSD, PPT, XLS files, and text editing application (TextEdit) can open Microsoft Word document. If you want to copy data from an NTFS formatted disk, then you need to do is dragging the file to your Mac.

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Most consultant would say the best free data recovery system is to be pro-active in file management. There should invariably be a backup system particularly for very important info. The backup will certainly make things less complicated and less maddening when the unlucky occurs.

At this point, it is important that you stop the use of the system. This is because you want to scale back the chance of writing over the areas of your personal computer that may still contain you lost files. Even if you’re not actively creating and saving files your personal computer still uses your system’s hardrive as a swap disk for its memory. That alone can inadvertently write over what you’re hoping to recover.

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Backup your info regularly. Viruses are frightful though not backing up your info constantly is scarier. Circumstance outside your control like flood, fire, power surges, vibration could destroy data on your hard disk suddenly. Backing up continually is more vital than keeping up to date on the latest virus software.

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