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SoftAmbulance EFS Recovery Review

SSD Data Recovery
by Schill

SoftAmbulance, a data recovery company, has created EFS Recovery, a type of software that can quickly and easily recover encrypted folders and files from EFS partitions. It can also help you recover and restore data from both safe and corrupted hard disks. Data can also be retrieved from Dynamic Disks that goes for any configuration and type.

SoftAmbulance Disk Recovery is also capable of restoring files and folders on PCs that run on Windows. If needed, EFS Recovery can also fix damaged arrays if deemed necessary.

SoftAmbulance EFS Recovery Features

With EFS Recovery, encrypted files and folders are automatically restored in PCs that are running on Windows.

If your data used EFS or NTFS encryption to keep it safe, and you needed to gain access to those files protected by a password, then just enter your original Windows password for the account, and your access will be restored. The data can be detected and decrypted using an administrator password or an operating system password that was used when those files were created.

EFS Recovery supports FAT; the FAT system is widely used in most types of media, such as media players, memory cards, computers and mobile devices. EFS Recovery also supports NTFS; this ensures that the files are working fine and will be accessible.

EFS Recovery also makes sure that the programs are made to be integrated with different devices, ensured that it can be installed in PCs, and can be connected to various interfaces and ports. Since it supports most file types, it can be said that it can support most devices as well such as USB flash drives, memory cards, external drives and digital cameras.

EFS Recovery Advantages

An impressive quality of EFS Recovery is its main user interface. Other recovery software have lots of buttons that make the user confused in knowing what to do. Whereas with EFS Recovery, it only has a streamlined menu that only makes the user choose the drive to scan option, and then click on ‘Next’ afterwards. The files will be restored later on.

EFS Recovery also boasts of its versatility. The program proudly says that it can support both solid state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives. Hence, greater flexibility is shown with regard to retrieving lost data.

EFS Recovery Limitations

One limitation of the EFS Recovery is that once it retrieves data, the data recovered is understandably large. Hence, the data can’t be saved, not unless it is exported or saved in another device. Data can be burned in CDs or DVDs, or can be downloaded to FTP. Another option is to use the data retrieved as a virtual disk.


The application may be a bit pricey, but it’s indeed worth the price you pay. The program is functional and is easy to use, and can get most files from both internal and external storage devices. You may try to take advantage of the evaluation version, but to be able to feel the full functions of the service, then shelling out money for the software program may be the better course of action. It will be worth it, anyway.

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