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You Can Scan and Recover Deleted Files

recover hard drive files
by emdot

Have you deleted an important file? Ha your important personal file with photos being deleted? Do not panic, we can recover deleted files or unerase the files. Before the windows had an option called undelete but now you can go to the recycle bin and open the file and recover the file. After Windows 95, the deleted files are not really deleted. Instead they are kept in a special folder for a certain time. The time period can be chosen by the user. The capacity of the recycle bin is almost ten percent of the hard disk. So many files can be stored.

After the time slot allotted by the user the files gets deleted permanently. All the deleted files will be in the recycle bin, so the space in the recycle bin is reduced. To increase the space again user has to delete the files manually. If you really want the file to be deleted and will not recover the file at all, then press shift key while deleting the file. But in this method the file will not enter the recycle bin and will be deleted permanently. You have lost the deleted file for ever. In such cases you need a recovery tool. This tool will help to scan the hard disk for the deleted files. Even if the file system is damaged this tool will help in recovering the file.

Some software systems will allow you to open and read the contents of the file without even recovering it. Once the file is deleted you have to quickly retrieve the file if wanted but the system will not wait for more time. It uses the same space to write a new file in the same place. Even if the space is over in the hard disk, there is no over writing done. So if your scan the system you can retrieve the deleted file. When the recovery system is scanning the hard disk there is no new file written, so there is no fright of files being destroyed. If you avoid storing the files in the part where the deleted file was there, then the deleted will surely be scanned and recover deleted files.

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