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Intel SSD 320 Series 8mb data recovery

SSD Data Recovery
by Schill

In this discussion I will spread light on Intel ssd 320 series failure. I will also explain how this happens and the remedy for data recovery including all three types of ssd drives.

After the introduction of this Intel 320 Series SSD, we came to know some drives have this 8mb bug with wrong serial number BAD_CTX. In this kind of situation, the drive cannot access data and the only solution that Intel offers is to wipe the drive but this will erase all the data. Wiping the drive is scary when there is important data stored on the media. When the drive with the above problem is connected to a normal computer, it is properly detected but it will not mount. The drive will not properly show in disk management. Drive initialization is also not possible. Updating the firmware might erase all the data so Intel help is not applicable.

If the drive has data then it is critical to first recover it. This drive has multiple nand chips that hold the data. There are some approaches to recover data from such drive. I will discuss this later in this article but the main question is, is it possible to recover this ssd? The good news is our data recovery expert has recovered this drive in the past. He did a great job by recovering everything on the drive.

This drive will show 8mb storage and the bad_ctx bug will not allow the computer to reach the nands chips. If a traditional drive has bad heads, it will either show 0mb space or 3.84 gb space. This means the head are bad. In case of ssd, it is the same situation like a bad head. In regular drive the bad heads can be replaced but if the surface is bad, then that is it but in this case our technician removed all the chips from the drive and read them one by one and successfully arranged all the nand chips to convert it into useful data. This was a very time consuming project but in the end he was able to do it.

There are three main components of an ssd drive. The main board keeps all the components and that is why it is called motherboard. The nand chips are responsible to store data in the raw format. The controller is responsible for smooth operations of the ssd. Ssd drives come in three types. One is the regular 2.5″ drive. The next one is the Apple PCI ssd drive and the third one is the micro drive also known as msata drive. All these drives use the same kind of logic and when they fail same technique is used to recover them. Our technician has recovered all these three types in the past. Talking of the 8mb bug, the question is how this happens? This happens due to a sudden power loss situation. This can happen to laptops that have low battery and are not connected to a power source or laptops that have lose dc jack which can disconnect the laptop from power source all of the sudden. When the 8mb bug attack the drive, the laptop or desktop computer will give message like no boot media available and the computer will not load Windows. There are different procedures on the Internet that guide how to bring the ssd back to life but these procedures are not for those who have data on the machine. So it is very critical to take the ssd to an experienced and professional data recovery company for data recovery. If you need help with this kind of ssd failure, we can help.

In this Article I talked about Intel 320 series ssd drive 8mb bug that stops the computer from being reading data from the nand chips. I have also explained the recovery process.

By Mash Khan
MCSE, A+, Apple Certified and 16 years in IT.
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Intel Introduces the Fastest and Strongest Intel SSD 520 Series

January 13, Intel Corporation introduced the fastest and the most powerful client / consumer solid state drives (SSDs) , Intel SSD520, this SSD520 is made with Intel computing 25-nanometer NAND Flash process technology and it supports 6Gbps as SATAIII interface. Intel SSD 520 series is designed for the most demanding PC enthusiasts, gamers, professionals and small and medium-sized businesses to provide the high performance in the world. It has a higher throughput performance, new safety features and unmatched reliability, which can meet the most demanding user’s needs.

Any consumers applications that require the high throughput, high-bandwidth, low latency and faster speed are available for getting the benefit from the Intel SSD 520 series. All professionals, including software developers, architects, accountants, engineers, musicians, media, content creators and artists alike will find the rich features of the Intel SSD 520 Series can have a significant impact on their work efficiency. With faster graphics rendering, compiling, data transmission and system startup by using the Intel SSD 520 series can be accelerated multi-tasking or reduce the once lengthy application waiting time.

RobCrooke, the Intel vice president and the general manager of the program division, said: “We use Intel’s engineering forces to create a both high performance and high reliability of the client with the solid-state hard drive, Intel solid-state hard disk 520 in solid-state hard drive performance, quality and reliability, again setting a new industry standard, significantly improves the user experience. “

Different from the spinning platters and moving parts of traditional hard disk drive (HDD), solid-state drives based on chips (especially the NAND flash memory chips), Intel SSD 520 series can be built with lower power consumption, higher reliability and more rapid storage solutions to meet the most demanding applications, and Internet data flow and intensive multi-tasking requirements. Based on industry-leading 25-nanometer process NAND flash memory, and 6GbpsSATAIII interface, Intel solid state drive 520 series with a firmware version involved in the definition and validation LSISandForce flash storage processor by Intel, in order to create a establish a new industry benchmark for performance solid-state hard drives.

Intel SSD 520 series can provide up to 80,000 4K random write IOPS (IOPS) performance and up to 50,000 4K random read IOPS performance, can significantly increase the speed of day-to-day operations. Were as high as second 550MB per second 520MB sequential read and sequential write performance is also significantly speed up and improve user productivity. This performance results to withstand thousands of hours of Intel’s testing and validation (including 5000 a number of separate tests), while a five-year limited warranty.

Intel SSD 520 series will become a high-end products in the Intel solid state drive of the client, it also includes the following new features: a wealth of capacity (from 60GB to 480GB), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit encryption and stronger password protection, to achieve greater security in case of theft or power failure.

Under PCMarkVantage benchmark tests, with the Intel 520 Series, users will find that their computer is improved at the rate of 78% overall, and gamers will find that the performance improvement of 88% more gaming experience, IT technical experts can not only provide higher performance and efficiency for customers / employees, but also found that the Intel SSD 520 Series can bring high reliability, high security, more stable operation of state and lower overall operating costs.

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