Wireless PS3 Slim Headset Unboxing(HD)

This is the unboxing of the official Sony playstation 3 wireless headset!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

  • Gabby Jarrett

    worst vid ever

  • Blurryraps

    How did u upload videos using ur iPod touch

  • TagzUK

    Hey man what games you got for PS3 Other than black ops?

  • Adrian Valmores

    Sure you could add me,just tell me your PSN Lol,And i like my Ps3 cause it has alot of features…..Its worth it 🙂

  • GamingNation29

    i want a PS3 Slim, it’s look’s sexy! I wanna play Black Ops or MW3 or BF3, i’m getting a PS3 Slim for Christmas with the headset you have, and maybe some games, I still like the Xbox 360 Slim 4 gb but i have a 60 gb with hard drive for no reason! Anyway is a ps3 slim worth it? If I get one this winter can I add you?

  • Adrian Valmores

    Ok i will! 🙂

  • Slammer2123

    Slammer_midget1 if u want to add me